About Ridgewood

  • Overview
    Projects Overview

    During the last years, Ridgewood Group has executed many projects, and as long as there remains in a potential market, Ridgewood Group will keep on growing and increasing its investment in Egypt. Ridgewood Group has many water desalination plants; their least production capacity is 500 cubic meters per day produced by Reverse Osmosis technique. Ridgewood Group is concentrating its effort on the touristic sector, mainly in the Red Sea, South Sinai and Masra MatrouhGovernorate. Our projects located in Ras Sudr, Nwebaa, Taba, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga, El Kusseir, Marsa Alam and Marsa Matrouh.

  • Why Ridgewood
    Why Ridgewood Egypt

    Ridgewood Group guarantees its clients desalinated water with specifications conforming and exceeding to those recommended by the World Health Organization. Ridgewood Group uses environmentally sound technology. Because Ridgewood Group is fully capitalized, we build, own, and operate the above projects in record time, as no bank loans were required nor any capital requirement on part of the client. Ridgewood Group a reputable Company in the field and one that customers can be sure to rely on to handle their existing project taking over the operation and the maintenance for their utilities with the high reliable and best services. Manufacture our own water plants for over 3 years, proven maximum reliability. High standard of product reliability. The sole water desalination company in Egypt with ISO certification. Technical know-how: has an experienced professional staff with expertise in project evaluation, project design and modern technology. Has the largest private sector water desalination with over 40,000 m3 per day of capacity.

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission

    To progress and recognize our management plans to meet the future growth.

    To motivating the employees' capabilities and performance, building up a well trained, experienced and professional staff that will support the Company's expansion and gain the staff loyalty.

    To capitalize on our experience to develop unique business opportunities.

    To enhancement and continuing the implementation of our marketing plans, promoting flexibility and innovative solutions to increase our market share.

    To enforcing our performance monitoring systems to keep up with our growth and to ensure customers' satisfaction,.

    To boost our Company's market share through promotional educational events, public relation and more social activities.

  • Our Vision
    Our Vision

    Since the Establishment of Ridgewood Egypt in year 1999 and our goal still the same, To provide our clients with the highest standards of quality services that meets the international standards. Strengthen the development of our company’s brand name of water desalination equipment to be sold in Egypt and the Middle East. Penetrate other related market, by launching our own brand name of bottled premium drinking water to be the pioneer in the Red Sea and Sinai Areas. Significantly increasing the company size benefiting from the dramatic growing demand for desalinated and drinking water. Establishment of new markets in developed areas such as North Coast, Nabq, Sahl Hashish, Wady Lahm and Taba, benefiting from our excellent market reputation.